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Meet the Owls

Take a peek at each of our owls and learn a little more about them by clicking on the names of the owls below, where you will be presented with information about their habitat in the wild, their diet and a host of other useful and interesting facts and figures.


Bernie the Barn Owl

We were given Bernie when he was only 2 months old. It had not been possible to find him a home so we took him in as part of the family. He is a lovely owl with plenty of character and it is thanks to him that Hoots Owls began and now rescue owls from all over the country. He loves to swoop over and land on your shoulder. He is a very cute looking owl.


Khan the Bengal Eagle Owl

He is a very temperamental owl, who has been with us since January 2007. We received Khan after his owner was unable to care for him any-more. Khan likes to be looked at and held, however he does get bored quickly which makes him irritable.


Sam the Makinders Eagle Owl

When Sam was younger we were asked if we could take him and get rid of him as he was extremely vicious. We discovered from his owner that he had scratched a 4 year old child who was giving him a cuddle. Since being with us we have discovered that he likes moderate amounts of affection. He is extremely tolerant and very playful. Although Sam likes to be held, he soon lets you know when he has had enough by flying back to his perch.


Basil the Indian Scops Owl

This rather affectionate little owl came to us as an un-wanted bird as the owner deemed him to be 'ugly'. We however are of the opinion that he is very cute. He has a playful personality and just loves having behind his tufts tickled.


Merlin the Tawny Owl

Merlin is an average size for a tawny owl and was welcomed into our family when he was just a chick. He has grown up along side Sydney and they get on very well together. Unfortunately for Merlin, he was an orphan and needed taking care of. Merlin likes to be up high as he is a very nosy bird. At night he likes to hoot and keep everyone awake but he is still an adorable owl.


Sydney the Southern Boobook Owl

When we were given Sydney we were told "he doesn't look like an owl" which as a hawk owl that is not surprising. He is a very cute and playful fellow and has some very odd habits. When he is cross with you he fluffs his feathers around his head and makes a croaking noise like a frog, and at night he has a call similar to a cuckoo.


Terry the Tawny Owl

When we were asked to collect Terry from the vets we were unsure of which type of owl we were collecting. We were told he had been injured by a car near Grantham and had a poorly wing. He was extremely aggressive towards everyone very defensive and it took 2 months to calm him down. His wing is very badly broken and he is not going to be able to fly again. Not flying is a setback however, Terry has become an extremely fast runner and makes us chase him around his aviary. He likes nothing better than to relax on his branch in the sun.


Shadow the Tawny Owl

He has to be one of the most patient and gentlest tawny owls in the word. Shadow came to us in December of 2007 after being involved in a road accident with a lorry near Doncaster. Since his accident he has lost the ability to fend for himself and has to be hand fed as he cant (or won't) feed himself. He is a quiet owl compared to Merlin and only makes soft squeaking noises from time to time. He loves a lot of petting and has a gentle personality.


Poppy the European Eagle Owl

When poppy came to us she was 18 months old and had been abused by her owner who had beaten her with a stick so he could feed her. She is a very untrusting owl who needs to regain her confidence in people. Since being with us she has now learnt that not all people are cruel and she has began to settle down allowing us to feed her by hand and get close. A stunning bird that needs to be treated with a lot of respect.


Misty the White Faced Scops Owl

We were given misty when he was only eight weeks old to prevent him from being exported to Japan. He is a very inquisitive little owl who likes to explore and although he can't yet fly, he has a great ability to climb. He sleeps for long periods of time and will always find the warmest place to take a nap. His favourite place seems to be on your slipper whilst you have your foot in it!


Ziggy the Ural Owl

Ziggy is a stunning owl who was mistreated by his owner after being kept in a parrot cage. Ziggy has taken quite some time to settle down in the centre and does not like to be held.


Patch the Spectacled Owl

After coming to the centre in June 2009, Patch is finding it very difficult to settle down. She is a beautiful owl which the children say looks like a penguin. Patch can often be heard growling at people who come to view her.


Columbus the Great Horned Owl

Columbus was in the same team of show owls as Fuzzy and Mini. He is a striking owl who likes to pose for the public but does not like to be handled. He is very vocal when someone enters his aviary.


Megle the Magellan Horned Owl

Megle came from a private collection after it had split up. She likes to be very vocal and bring lots of attention to herself. Like many of the owls she is not one that can be handled, but loves to be looked at.


Holly the African Spotted Eagle Owl

Holly is a quiet bird who we took on when her owner sadly passed away several years ago. She is normally calm and relaxed, and is good friends with our Bengal Eagle Owl, Khan. Holly also likes to be tickled behind her ear tufts (just like Basil)!


Gracie the European Eagle Owl

Gracie came to us when a rescue group in Nottingham closed down. She doesn't mind being looked at, however she likes to keep her own space to herself and does not like interactions with anybody.


Tyson the European Eagle Owl

Tyson belonged to a family who loved her. When the family were unable to provide enough aviary space to house her, we were asked if we could look after her at the centre. Tyson is a lovely owl who likes some fuss, but also likes to tell you who's boss!


Oscar the Long Eared Owl

Oscar was given to us by his owner as there was no longer any space for him in his current home. Oscar is a wonderful owl, and appears very tall and thin! He is one of the species that make up the British Owls. Oscar loves to fly about his aviary, along with receiving attention from a few select people.


Mini the Indian Scops Owl

Mini was part of a large collection of owls that was used on shows throughout the country. The team was split up after the owner became too ill to continue showing the birds. Mini is very cute and like Basil, is extremely popular with young children. A great addition to our team.


Fuzzy the White Faced Scops Owl

Fuzzy came to us with Mini from a team of show owls. He is a very cute looking owl who likes a small amount of handling. Fuzzy can often be heard grumbling to himself when he has to come out of his aviary!


Twinkle the Western Screech Owl

After constantly being bullied by his family, Twinkle came to us seeking a life of peace and rest. Twinkle now likes to sit in his aviary watching all of the visitors to Hoots Hollows. He has a deformed eye, but that doesn't stop him being a cute and wonderful owl who likes to be adored by everyone who sees him!


Dinky the Burrowing Owl

After being bred for a private collector, Dinky suddenly found that he was no longer wanted as the collector decided not to take him. Dinky was given to us when he was just five weeks old and was hand reared (Dinky was just a ball of fluff at this stage)! He now likes to dig holes all over his aviary (as the name of "Burrowing Owl" suggests), and is a very cute and nosy owl.


Zeus the Great Horned Owl

Zeus was unwanted when he was a baby by his owner, and so came to us at a feeble age of just five weeks old. He has grown into a humongous bird who is very mischievous, but at the same time, very cute and good natured. Zeus is a very playful owl and loves to be held and stroked, giving him ample time to be curious and see what's going on around him!


Spirit the Barn Owl

Spirit's owner found that he no longer had room for any more owls after two of his Barn Owls bred, and so he asked us to take Spirit, who was only five weeks old. She now has full markings on her feathers and is part of our owl display team at Hoots Hollows. Spirit can be moody and protective when she is in her aviary.


Midnight the Barn Owl

After another breeder was let down by a collector, we were again contacted and asked if we could take in a Barn Owl. Midnight is not just any Barn Owl though, she is a Dark Breasted Barn Owl, and you can tell this by the colour of her feathers compared to a normal Barn Owl. She is a very tame and loving bird, who loves to receive lots of attention as well as look adorable.


Ringo the Chaco Owl

Another owl who was bred in captivity, Ringo was no longer wanted, so we took him in and hand reared him from six weeks of age. Ringo is a marvelous looking owl, and likes to be held and stroked by lots of people. Some people have compared him to a cuddly bear because of how lovely he is!


Nutmeg the Barn Owl

We were given Nutmeg to temporarily look after some years ago, but upon reuniting with her owner, Nutmeg refused to settle down. Ever since then she has been with us, and is very content with being at our owl sanctuary. Nutmeg is 12 years old and is now nearly blind, though she's still very vocal and likes to meet new people. Nutmeg loves to receive lots of fuss and attention!


Indie the Bengal Eagle Owl

Indie was mistreated as a youngster and was given to a rescue group at Nottingham. When the rescue group closed down he was brought into us at the centre. Indie has made friends with Bubo but does not like people

Ginger and Spice

Ginger and Spice, the Ashy Faced Owls

This beautiful pair of owls came to us when their owners got divorced. Neither of the couple wanted the responsibility of them and asked us to care for them, or they would be put down. Ginger & Spice love to fly love and like to be left alone in their own space. Neither owl enjoys interactions with people.


Spooky the Abyssinian Eagle Owl

Spooky is an unusual owl who came to us from a private collection after her owner sadly passed away. He is a very quiet owl who loves to stand in the rain and pose for the public.


Smudge the Great Grey Owl

Smudge was kept as part of a private collection of owls, but found it difficult to settle as the aviary he was kept in was too small. When Smudge came to us at Hoots Hollows, he eventually started to relax and become more content. Smudge is beautiful to look at, but still prefers to keep his distance from people. If you listen closely you might hear him make a high-pitched shrill sound, something you wouldn't expect of such a large owl!