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Conservation Status

Conservation Status - Least Concern

Mini the Indian Scops Owl

(Otus bakkamoena)

About Mini

Mini was part of a large collection of owls that was used on shows throughout the country. The team was split up after the owner became too ill to continue showing the birds. Mini is very cute and like Basil, is extremely popular with young children. A great addition to our team.

Description of the Indian Scops Owl

The Indian Scops Owl is a rather small owl, although it is the largest of the Scops owls. Like other Scops owls, it has small ear tufts. The upperparts are grey or brown, depending on the subspecies, with faint light brown/fawn spotting. The under parts are fawn with fine dark streaks. The facial disc is buff and the eyes are brown. It is partially migratory, with some birds wintering in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.