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Conservation Status

Conservation Status - Least Concern

Shadow the Tawny Owl

(Strix aluco)

About Shadow

He has to be one of the most patient and gentlest tawny owls in the word. Shadow came to us in December of 2007 after being involved in a road accident with a lorry near Doncaster. Since his accident he has lost the ability to fend for himself and has to be hand fed as he cant (or won't) feed himself. He is a quiet owl compared to Merlin and only makes soft squeaking noises from time to time. He loves a lot of petting and has a gentle personality.

Description of the Tawny Owl

The tawny owl is about the size of a pigeon. It has a rounded body and head, with a ring of dark feathers surrounding its face. They are mainly reddish brown above and paler underneath but vary in shade some becoming grey. The tawny owl breeds throughout England, Wales and Scotland but it is not found in Ireland. The tawny owls mainly live within established pairs rarely leaving their territories. Young birds leave the breeding grounds in autumn.