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Conservation Status

Conservation Status - Least Concern

Sydney the Southern Boobook Owl

(Ninox boobook)

About Sydney

When we were given Sydney we were told "he doesn't look like an owl" which as a hawk owl that is not surprising. He is a very cute and playful fellow and has some very odd habits. When he is cross with you he fluffs his feathers around his head and makes a croaking noise like a frog, and at night he has a call similar to a cuckoo.

Description of the Southern Boobook Owl

These sometimes playful small owls are also known as Mopoke, Morepork, Spotted Owl, and Marbled Owl, which is the smallest of the Australasian members of the Ninox family of Hawk Owls. Like all birds of limited geographic range, the Boobook owl is always in danger from local problems, not least of which relates to introduced species. Little Owls were introduced to New Zealand about 60 years ago, and are providing strong competition for food supplies. The Boobook owl is, however, holding on well, and continues to do well in the rest of its range. A smallish bird with predominant brown feathers over the back and head light yellow eyes and a beige/buff front streaked with brown