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Hoots Owls has been rescuing owls for many years, and have gained considerable expertise in this field. A rescue normally starts with a phone call, and we then respond as soon as possible, which is very dependent on whether the owl is wild or captive bred.

With wild owls, we try to assess the situation with the caller and if the owl needs to come into our centre, we collect the owl as soon as possible. Once at the centre, a closer examination is made and emergency treatment is given if necessary. Often just a quiet place to recover is all that is needed. Wild owls are returned back to the place where they were found as soon as possible, ideally within 36 hours.

Captive bred owls are a totally different matter. More often than not they have bitten, mauled or clawed their owners and are no longer wanted. We take them in and assess them, and they then remain our responsibility for the rest of their lives. We never sell owls that come into us. Frequently, they join our display teams and live to a ripe old age.

We have rescued owls from many sources, including people who keep them in rabbit hutches, homes where they are abused, as well as from people who through no fault of their own, can no longer look after them.